Simulation of 2-p Microscopy Imaging Acquisition

Fig.1: Poisson PMT photon responses (left), 80Mhz high cut-off frequency transimpedance amplifier (right)
Fig.2: Output for a synchronized digitizer (top left), unsynchronized digitizer (top right), and the photon emission (bottom)

PMT, Transimpedance Amplifier, and Digitizer Output

Fig.3: PMT output and Transimpedance Amplifier output for Unsynchronized and Synchronized Digitizer Sampling
Fig.4 PMT Base Line Shift
Fig.5: Ideal Transimpedance Operational Amplifier
Fig.6 Amplifier Output — Sampled at 800Mhz
Fig.7 Cross Correlation Between PMT and Amplifier Outputs vs Time Shift




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Rohan Kotwani

Rohan Kotwani

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